What to Expect

What to expect

If you're looking to go deeper, this may be the right church for you.

Most people dress pretty casually, some people like to dress up a little more – don't worry so much on what to wear or whether you're fitting in with how everyone else is dressing compared to you – rather try to focus on what the message is and to listen to what is being presented.

The church normally starts with praise and worship, where a worship leader and band leads in some contemporary music, then goes on to a message from a pastor; after the message many times there is prayer for those who want to be prayed for.

The praise and worship aren't heavily choreographed. The worship leader makes an effort to be led by the Holy Spirit to see which songs to lead the congregation in.

The message presented by the pastor then is normally what comes next. There is no set schedule, often will go over an hour or an hour, but times will be different. The pastor makes an effort to be sensitive to leading of the Holy Spirit in what material and scriptures to go over. There is a focus to the gifts of the Spirit mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12.

After the message, there is often prayer in which people are invited to come up front and pray, and the leaders of the church will ask if anyone wants prayer that they will pray for them.

Look at a sermon beforehand?

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